Hermod Creation Agency är en liten byrå med hög kompetens inom digital kommunikation. Företaget startades och drivs av Andreas Karlsson. Andreas är Civilingenjör i Teknisk Fysik och arbetade tidigare på Ericsson i Mjärdevi (Linköping). Han har sålt reklam och presentationsfilmer till företag runt hela Norden. Hemligheten bakom framgången är Andreas strävan efter perfektion och den unika kombinationen mellan budskap, design och teknisk innovation.


Hermod Creation Agency is passionate about entrepreneurship and business. There are many businesses in need of a strong web presence but they do not have the time or the knowledge on how to take advantage of the incredible opportunity the web is providing. We are making life easy for entrepreneurs and businesses.


To work with us we require a professional, honest and friendly atmosphere. These projects are delivered in collaboration with you, the client and we pour our soles and hearts into each and every project. You will be part of our family and our growing network of professionals and experts.


We begin with a consultation meeting where we decide on what we are going to deliver for you. We will decide on the call when we will start and when the project will be completed and delivered.


When we decide to work together, you will be given simple directions on how what to do so that your experiance will be as fluid as possible. The important thing here is to understand what challenges you are having, what your goals are and why you have decided on the project so that we can deliver exactly what you need. Once the project starts, you will have access to all the tools and support that you need. Liftoff!